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Cherry satin halter dress

Slinky satin halter dress with flounce.

This dress was made from a lingerie satin as it was the only fabric we could find in the right colour. It's a good example of a dress that looks simple from the outside, but is supported with a great deal of infrastructure.

The top of the dress is interfaced and was curved to fit closely around the bust. The entire dress is supported by a boned semi-torsolette and held in place with an inside belt.

The bottom of the dress is flared from mid thigh at the front to the knee at the back, with the back of the skirt a little bit longer to provide the hint of a train.

I had no idea it was a wedding dress. I got some very detailed story about a charity dinner...

More pictures now here. Lucky everyone else remembered their cameras.

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Sue's sneaky scam-artist wedding dress

The bride and groom

A different view

Preparing for first fitting - front view

Preparing for first fitting - 3/4 view